Cartographica 1.5.1

Cartographica 1.5.1 is a bug fix and enhancement release for Cartographica 1.5 and contains a number of bug fixes and a few minor feature additions.

OS Compatibility

Cartographica 1.5.1 requires High Sierra or newer (10.13.6, 10.14.6, or 10.15.2+) in order to function correctly.

Changes since 1.5

New Features

  • Support for importing Irish Grid and British National Grid references in File Data and Acquire Database imports [CARTOMAC-1473]

Feature Enhancements

  • Acquire from Database is now background able and has status and cancel
  • Export Map now presents a detailed warning on file overwrite
  • Export Map is now backgroundable and has status and cancel [CARTOMAC-1851]
  • Export for CartoMobile is now backgroundable and has status and cancel [CARTOMAC-1848]
  • ExportImage is now backgroundable and has status and cancel
  • ExportAsTiles is now backgroundable and has status and cancel [CARTOMAC-1852]
  • OSM Tile Export now automatically converts to EPSG:3857 on export and no longer silently fails [CARTOMAC-1890]
  • Add support for additional Geocoding and Grid Reference coding data through "Include Diagnostics" button in File Data import

User Interface Changes

  • Presented digits in Find Clusters window are now more appropriately limited

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed support for Acquire from Database [CARTOMAC-1908]
  • Fixed bug which resulted in python datetime functions returning 01/01/00 for every result when used in a formula [CARTOMAC-1862]
  • Fixed rare crash in field editor [CARTOMAC-1902]
  • Fixed import accessory view appearance [CARTOMAC-1904]
  • Fixed loading window so that it no longer over-compresses the Filename: text [CARTOMAC-1874]
  • Fixed bug in resizing windows while showing ECW image [CARTOMAC-1894]
  • User names and Company names are now trimmed so that errant spaces don’t cause license failures [CARTOMAC-1898]
  • Fixed bug in rendering Kernel Density Maps [CARTOMAC-1896]
  • Fixed misalignments in Map Layout popover windows [CARTOMAC-1889]

Documentation Changes

  • Documentation updated for new Grid Reference imports


Future Compatibility

Beginning with version 1.5 and above of Cartographica, we expect to be increasing requirements on a more regular basis. The 1.5 development cycle was particularly long in part because of the large number of changes necessary to modernize the internals to keep up with changes in macOS.


Internal Help

Cartographica has the full manual presented as built-in help from the Help menu.


The most recent documentation is now available online Cartographica Documentation

Versions are also available in PDF format:

And in ePub format (for readers like Apple Books):

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