Cartographica 1.4.5

Cartographica 1.4.5 is a bug fix and enhancement release for Cartographica 1.4 and contains a number of bug fixes and a few minor feature additions.

Additional information may be found in the release notes for prior bug releases:

OS Compatibility

Cartographica 1.4.5 requires Lion or newer (10.7.5, 10.8.5, 10.9.4+, or 10.10) in order to function correctly. We take the process of removing support for older versions of the OS very seriously, but there are many new features that we could not reasonably support on versions prior to 10.7. Customers using OS X 10.6 will need to remain on the 1.2 versions of Cartographica, which is available, but no longer being actively supported (since 6/1/2013).

Changes since 1.4.4

Feature Enhancements

  • Added support for long data records (as supported by ArcGIS 10.x of up to 255 fields and 32000 bytes per record) [CARTOMAC-1340]
  • Removed import from iPhoto [CARTOMAC-1523]

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed crash when switching layers with an empty layer name and the Selection Summary window visible [CARTOMAC-1654]
  • Fixed rare crash when re-geocoding data [CARTOMAC-1602]
  • Fixed crash when trimming layers that will have no objects after trim on 10.10 when legend is visible [CARTOMAC-1653]
  • Fixed crash in Distribute With Equal Area that could occur when there were highly unbalanced areas [CARTOMAC-1652]
  • Fixed crash when erasing all characters in the Scale boxes and tabbing to next field [CARTOMAC-1651]
  • Fixed crash that could result when using some projections on data that doesn't fit in them [CARTOMAC-1615]
  • Fixed bug which prevented automatic layer styling to work when importing more than one file at a time [CARTOMAC-1614]
  • Fixed problem where Raster Images loaded without CRS information do not display after changing CRS [CARTOMAC-1601]
  • Fixed bug in setting up lines styles that would crash with certain system programmatic colors that users could add through drag and drop [CARTOMAC-1260]
  • Fixed bug when importing cards from Address Book that would cause crash [CARTOMAC-1596]
  • Fixed crashing bug in Selection Summary window under odd conditions [CARTOMAC-1592]

Documentation Changes

  • Update palette pasting documentation

Known issues

Version 1.4.5 has the following known issues:

  • There are some circumstances (which we are tracking down) when on 10.9+ systems certain areas of the screen do not immediately refresh. If you experience this problem, please report it. If you can figure out what series of commands makes it happen, please let us know. If it does happen to you, zoom the map and then go back to your previous size and the problem should go away.
  • Grid labels do not show up
  • Grid label sample text can be edited–should just be able to change the text attributes


Important Bing Maps notice

ClueTrust continues to include Bing Maps for both Geocoding and Live Maps for users covered by Maintenance. As of 7/1/2017, Bing Maps has deprecated the older API that we were using in prior versions of Cartographica. Thus, after 7/1/2017, Bing Maps will only be available on Cartographica 1.4.7+.

Future Compatibility

Coming with the release of version 1.5 of Cartographica, we are expecting to increase the requirements. The likely jump will be to 10.12, due to the visual language change, important OS features in that will allow us to support auto-save in a reasonable way, and the ability to provide scripting in Javascript in addition to AppleScript (see Apple's information on this expansion in the Javascript for Automation note. At this time, we are putting the 1.4 versions into critical maintenance only, which means that they will be receiving bug fixes for crucial bugs through 12/31/17. We will continue to provide access to the older software via our web site (as we have with versions 1.1 and 1.2), and will continue to provide support via our ticketing system to users with active support


Internal Help

Cartographica has the full manual presented as built-in help from the Help menu.


The most recent documentation is now available online Cartographica Documentation

Versions are also available in PDF format:

And in ePub format (for readers like Apple Books):

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