Cartographica 1.2.2

Cartographica 1.2.2 is a bug fix and enhancement release for Cartographica 1.2 and contains a number of bug fixes and a few minor feature additions.

Additional information may be found in the release notes for prior bug releases:

OS Compatibility

Cartographica 1.2 and greater require Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher.

Changes since 1.2.1

New Features

  • A warning triangle now appears in the layer stack for layers with no CRS set. Clicking on the triangle will display a description of the problem and a button to set the CRS.
  • Export Map as Picture provides a way to export a resolution-appropriate version of the current map as a georeferenced TIFF, JPEG, or PNG file, along with the world file and projection information.
  • Added support for loading iPhoto images with just EXIF data (GPS-encoded photos). Previously you could load iPhoto images with timecode and stand-alone images with either timecode or EXIF.
  • Support for QuickTime movies in Picture fields (Poster images are used on the Map and the entire movie can be played in the Image Viewer window). Any movie format which is supported by QuickTime (including AVI if you have the right plug-ins) will be supported.
  • Added dragging any character or string into the symbol well to create a new symbol. This opens up the ability to use any character, or set of characters, from any available font on the system as a point symbol.

Feature Enhancements

  • Added support for semicolon (;) as a separator in CSV files. To use a semicolon, select it instead of Auto from the pop-up menu during the import process.
  • Cleaned up the Street Address and final address for geocoding so that they reflect as much available information as possible
  • Intersections now provide additional address information during geocoding
  • Added more scalable symbols (Star, hexagon, pentagon, asterisk, dash, plus, cross)
  • Added default picture path and assigned picture path to style. This is used when there are partial paths in picture references in the original shape file and provide a way to keep pictures in a separate folder from the referring document. By default, relative paths in pictures in a layer are presumed to be relative to the storage location of the layer. This is useful for By Reference layers only.
  • Added ability to disable the display of pictures in lieu of point symbols
  • Dates may now be distributed in a fashion similar to strings when using the Distribute items in the Style Set Editor
  • Default measurement units now set to automatic (will automatically scale and the system will be based on the underlying units of the Map).
  • Map Documents now save their measurement units
  • When changing CRS (projections), Map Views now do a better job of keeping the visible areas visible in the new CRS
  • When adding distances to nearest features, you may now choose which data is copied to the receiving layer.
  • Unit selection is now available when creating Buffers. Now, when using a linear coordinate system, distances can be specified in any major unit(m,km,mi,nm,yd). Note that this only works with projected data. If your data is in latitude and longitude, you will need to project it into a linear coordinate system before this works, otherwise the distances will be in degrees.
  • WMS requests are now more adaptive to the current map CRS when the server can provide the data in that CRS.
  • Support for ESRI's official "no data" value for M values for both import and export
  • Prospectively support latest CRS specifications in WMS/WFS/WCS and GML
  • WMS and Bing sources can now be displayed even with non-matching CRS's in the Map (as long as the CRS conversion is invertible)
  • Re-warping of imagery (especially noticeable with tiled layers) is now done on an as-needed basis instead of when the Map projection is changed, saving some time and processing power when dealing with large raster images.
  • Significant speed improvements when drawing of polygons with wide stroke paths
  • Improved performance on WMS layers by prioritizing recent requests
  • Improved speed on rejection during intersection point tests
  • Vastly improved performance on Select on Layer
  • Better symbol drawing for scalable symbols (Widths make more sense)
  • Dramatic speed increase in mask creation when using multi-core machines
  • Increased performance for complex labels
  • Improved scale output for MAPublisher interaction
  • Line styles are now more accurately rendered when exporting to Adobe Illustrator
  • Polygon styles are now more accurately rendered when exporting to Adobe Illustrator
  • Scalable images now export at full resolution to Adobe Illustrator, including images imported from fonts and other vector sources.
  • Silently skip unreadable OV2 files to get to the ones we can read
  • Further improved documentation in the Cartographica Help

User Interface Changes

  • Numeric values are now available for size of lines and points in the style window. This works along with the slider, although it has greater range and accuracy.
  • Added Remove Layer command in Layer menu
  • Change name of iPhoto menu options to make them more consistent
  • Manual Compass angles are now based on north being at 0 degrees
  • When no north can be found for the CRS(Projection), the warning triangle is now displayed in the Map Layout window's Compass
  • Changed the layout of the Style Set window to make point size more obvious and to group the point size and symbol
  • Distribution of values is now allowed when there is only one non-null value
  • When creating new entries in the Style list by using the Distribute commands, the most recently created item is now selected
  • Layer Stack now selects most recently added layers under all circumstances (import, merge, add, new, etc.)
  • Change prompts for overwriting layers
  • Enhanced the visibility of scalable and font-based symbols when selected
  • Layer representations in the layer stack and legend now show scaled-down versions of symbols when they otherwise would not fit the size of the sample area
  • Live maps now have an icon in the Layer Stack
  • Added Tool Tip help to many menu items
  • Make Zoom To Fit available even when there is no selected layer
  • Selected points scale better

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when joining table data to a layer that had columns, but no features
  • Fixed bug which could cause a crash when rapidly changing labels (such as doing repeated undo/redo sequences)
  • Fixed bug which could cause an exception or crash when editing style sets
  • Fixed label export for Adobe Illustrator to make sure labels go to the right instead of left for lines (#2318)
  • Fix undo for dropping palettes to change stroke colors
  • Fixed a bug which would result in analysis layer masks not working when the mask layer and the analysis layer and the map CRS were not the same
  • Fixed a visual inversion of the thumbnail for raster layers in the Legend window
  • Fixed bug in copying palettes which would result in the incorrect colors being displayed from a palette that changed from a ramp to set colors (as would happen when loading BSB). Since changes were not propagated back to the layer, it wouldn't make much difference to map or output display
  • Fixed handling of images which have palettes so that the appropriate range is given if the palette has fewer than 256 elements in it. Previously, some images, such as BSB data, would show as all black.
  • Fixed KML import such that field types are appropriately imported
  • Fixed KML import to import numeric data as numbers, so that sorting is correct
  • Fixed bug which would cause the selected projection not to update correctly when dragged in as a file into the Set Projection window
  • Fixed handling of automatic compass heading so that the North arrow reliably points north on automatic mode
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a crash when deleting layers from a mapset which was referenced by a currently-open Map Layout document. The deletion could take any form, including deleting the layer, replacing the layer, merging the layer, etc.
  • Fixed a crashing bug which could occur after closing a window, especially if there was a Live Map in the window that just closed which was waiting for outstanding data.
  • Fixed a bug in layer handling that would cause Cartographica not to notice that a layer's data had changed when using by reference data (such as imported shapefiles) when the only operation performed was deletion #2277
  • Fixed handling of GlobalSatGPS when no data is received
  • Fixed potential overrun in TomTom when CurrentMap contains particularly long or bogus data
  • Fixed bug in Magellan download when waypoints had no decodable name
  • Fixed bug in carrying font settings from old mapsets to new
  • Fixed bug in reload which result in a %@ showing up in a message where the layer name belonged.
  • Fixed bug where data created during column operations such as Add Coordinate Columns or Add Distance to Nearest Feature would not be saved if the layer to which they were added was by reference
  • Fixed crash that could occur if Cartographica is drawing in the background while label information is changed
  • Fixed rare bug when exporting to KML
  • Fixed undo bug when dealing with reload. Reload can no longer be undone (which didn't work anyway), but changes in other layers are still preserved
  • Fixed a bug which would cause previews to display incorrectly in the Style Set window when the criteria (single value, low, or high) for a style was changed (until it was deselected and selected again)
  • Fixed bug where long dates were shown in the Style Set window at the top (from/to) if there was only 1 date
  • Fixed bug which could result in a crash when using date fields as the style selection field and items with bad timing
  • Prevent possible crash when all attributes for a label are missing or empty
  • Data Tooltips are now less prone to blinking when the mouse is moved up and to the right
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in 341) which could cause some WMS layers not to display due to choosing bad SRS
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a layer whose bounding box, when projected to the Map projection, is infinite, to display an empty map.
  • Fixed bug which caused Core Animation to hang Cartographica waiting to invalidate an enormous background map that wasn't there
  • Fixed bug which resulted in very small target areas when clicking on points represented by new-style imagery or point types
  • Fixed bug in KML exporter that would result in custom point imagery not being exported along with points to a KML file
  • Fixed bug in WMS retrieval which would cause the queuing of an extraordinary number of tiles
  • Fixed bug in handling cached data in proj4 that could cause a crash when dealing with large numbers of EPSG definitions
  • Fixed bug in presenting delta measurements for non-meter underlying units in projected coordinate spaces
  • Fixed bug that would make some adornments appear below layers that they should be above (Bing legal notice, scale)
  • Fixed a bug in WMS layers which would cause detailed data to be obscured by the background data on servers that correctly handle transparency
  • Removed WMS servers that no longer respond
  • Fixed handling of non-square image markers in AI export
  • Fixed orientation on exported images in AI export
  • Fixed infrequent crash when constructing labels during draw
  • Fixed area calculations for geometric CRS (now uses more accurate spherical method)
  • Fixed bug which could result in a freeze when closing windows or in certain drawing operations
  • Fixed a bug which could result in a shape file having more than one type of Point in it if a manually added point had no Z data and points were imported from GPS
  • Fixed bug in DXF file reading when a large nurbs spline is imported (sent to GDAL)
  • Fixed bug in latest development builds that could crash on exporting shp files
  • Fixed bug that caused AppleScript to be disabled
  • Fixed naming in Near-Side perspectives for compatibility with ArcGIS
  • Fixed bug which could result in the incorrect features being operated on when selections were made through the data window after filtering and/or sorting when using simplify,merge,split, or new layer from selection
  • Fixed bug which would cause a crash when files failed to open while exporting to Shape Files
  • Fixed bug which would cause saved WMS layers on servers that don't provided cached updates to service information (capabilities documents) to incorrectly determine the bounding box and thus result in wildly incorrect WMS tiled layers.
  • Warped imagery now more likely to show the entire area being covered by the original imagery
  • Remove Column command in Layer menu now works as expected when the Layer Info window is frontmost
  • Fixed bug which caused warped images from server-based sources (such as Bing or WMS servers) to look striated and distorted unnecessarily
  • Fixed locking problem in equal-area distribution that could cause the program to hang when closing a map
  • Fixed locking problem in geocoding which could cause the program to hang when closing a map
  • Fixed but which would cause all merged raster layers to become inclusion instead of by reference layers
  • Fixed CGError which would be sent to console when drawing empty polygons
  • Fixed bug in Bing geocoder which would cause non-matching points not to be added if the original geocoding data was empty
  • Fixed bug in Select On Another Layer which would leave out some features when you weren't selecting Points with Polygons
  • Fixed handling of SHP files that were created with holes in them by paying more attention to SHX files when they are present


  • Added buffering to AppleScript
  • Added add nearest distance command to AppleScript
  • Added counting points in polygons to AppleScript
  • Added support for creating field mappers (used by nearest distance and others in the future) in AppleScript
  • Changed AppleScript terminology to be more readable
  • Date fields are now "short date" formatted when retrieving via AppleScript
  • Increased the significant digits retrieved when accessing values from numeric fields in field data via AppleScript
  • Restored ability to set single value labels in styles using AppleScript . The value of "label format" is expected to be the name of a column and will be translated to that when set via appleScript
  • import vector and import raster now return a list of added layers when they complete operation (the list will be empty if no layers were successfully loaded)
  • Made baseBoundingBox adjustments more accurate when setting geometry via AppleScript
  • Scripted add column commands now can take parameters to set the column name for columns added by the scripts

Known issues

Version 1.2.2 has the following known issues:

  • WFS access is read only. No changes are saved to the server.
  • WFS client retrieves too much data in some queries.



Internal Help

Cartographica has the full manual presented as built-in help from the Help menu.


The most recent documentation is now available online Cartographica Documentation

Versions are also available in PDF format:

And in ePub format (for readers like Apple Books):

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