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Cartographica 1.1.2

Cartographica 1.1.2 is a bug fix and enhancement release for Cartographica 1.1 and contains a number of bug fixes and a few minor feature additions.

Additional information may be found in the release notes for prior bug releases:

We have also added some features (mostly UI changes) since the last version due to input from users and ease-of-use concerns, especially with the Map Layout window.

Of particular importance were a bug in the 10.5 code for handling selection and editing which caused information to come up in the wrong place on the screen, a printing problem from the standard map view that would cause a blank page to be printed, and a bug in our undo handling code for the Map Layout that caused Map Layout editing to be fragile (even if you were not using Undo directly).

In the Map Layout UI, we have now added a tool bar and you can now add new items to the Map Layout window by clicking on the relevant tool in the tool bar and then dragging a new box in the window. We hope this will improve the workflow substantially. Note: for Scale, Legend, and Compass, you must have a map selected at the time you create the new element for it to show up correctly.

We have also made a number of performance and stability fixes in this release.

OS Compatibility

This is the last planned release before version 1.2, the next feature release. Version 1.2 will require Snow Leopard and will be Intel only. Clearly, we will release a 1.1.3 as necessary to fix critical bugs in 1.1.2 prior to the release of 1.2. For more information on the 1.2 transition and information on the 1.2 beta program once it begins, please watch our blog.

Changes since 1.1.1

Map Layout Changes

Other Changes

Bugs Fixed


Important Bing Maps notice

ClueTrust continues to include Bing Maps for both Geocoding and Live Maps for users covered by Maintenance. As of 7/1/2017, Bing Maps has deprecated the older API that we were using in prior versions of Cartographica. Thus, after 7/1/2017, Bing Maps will only be available on Cartographica 1.4.7+.