Purchase Cartographica

Cartographica has a rich feature set:

  • Support for a huge number of import formats, including popular Raster and Vector formats
  • Manual editing and georeferencing
  • Automatic geocoding
  • Integration with online mapping
  • Output to large-format printers
  • View all features

Commercial/Individual purchases

Thank you for your interest in purchasing Cartographica! ClueTrust uses our partner 2Checkout to handle transaction processing. For commercial and individual purchases, please click on the Buy Cartographica link to go there now.

Maintenance Pricing

Cartographica perpetual licenses provide for perpetual use of the software along with updates, upgrades, support and services for a 1 year period after purchase. After the first year, maintenance may be purchased annually to maintain access to updates, upgrades, support and services for additional periods. To renew existing subscriptions, use the renewal page.

Academic and Student licensing

Academic and student licensing

Academic and student pricing of $346.50 (USD) for our full version is available for individuals and organizations able to prove eligibility as faculty, student, or staff of an approved and accredited degree-granting institution.

To request the special pricing please contact us through our support site.

Annual Student License

ClueTrust also offers an annual license for students enrolled in degree granting institutions. For $99/year (USD), Student licenses are available and are locked to a particular machine (although students are also eligible to purchase full Academic licenses under the terms above if they desire a version without these limitations). Contact us through our support site to confirm your eligibility and request student pricing.


If you already have a key, then please proceed to the Cartographica download page.

Lost Your Key?

If you have already requested a key and have not received it, or have lost it, please use our lost key form. A key access message will be sent to your email address from keymanager at cluetrust.com, so if you are using aggressive spam protection, you should add that email address to your list of allowed senders.


If you have any other problems, or do not receive your key access message within a reasonable period of time, please contact us through our support page.

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